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The reserve that defines almost everything and he cannot be bothered to go through it! I have not listened to anybody do far more faucet dancing and verbal acrobatics than this person lol

Also moon landings are so naturally pretend, from After i herd that dumb astro-nut say he was positive he went throughout the van Allen belt which I think is there science name for your firmament but I have no proof or are unable to even started to elucidate that

* Observe: for the moment let's place apart that world wide finance disregards purely natural limits to progress. Also, put aside the seeming idolatrous character of This technique .

Which I experience won't sound right Can Anyone around the earth see the eclipse If that is so then it has to be a flat earth

Wow, Eric, I had no idea these persons, several which you named, were being shills. Thnx for Plainly listing Every single fault and uncanny reaction towards your videos. I like that you just again it up that has a few wonderful points with one-way links and references. I even messed up and emailed that one guy. Thnx for that heads up!

In his latest Ball Earth Skeptic job interview Mark came proper out and stated: (paraphrasing) "I am not even that connected to the flat model, Everybody has their types with superior/poor details, I've my model, Eric has his model, and perhaps Lord Steven Christ has his model that is a good deal a lot better than the ball Earth model!

  At the time Some others had currently donated his telescope and laser, he put out the call right here for $two hundred extra dollars that he necessary to protected a professional videographer for 2 hours to film the celebration. 

Though the contradictions in basic reasoning expertise (and rational fallacies) was appreciable and will be to numerous considering people I think.

com)  Following, Thai close friends of mine (who have nothing to try and do with flat Earth) begun speaking to me asking "who's Steven?" indicating he was seeking to add them on Fb.  When I confronted him concerning this apparent data-mining attempt, you could examine here, Steven claimed to generally be including "any one referring to the flat Earth," which happens to be a complete lie because the people who he was adding from my mates listing have NEVER posted in regards to the flat Earth

Even though he passed absent in 2010, his Flat Earth Society continue to exists right now on the net as a website/forum which, even now true to form, now operate by Daniel Shenton and Co., purports several Untrue flat-Earth arguments and treats your complete subject for a useless-pan joke.  A Google try to find any Flat Earth associated topic will deliver you best results for numerous threads through the FES forum; a quick look at which will teach you that FES is wherever legit flat Earth issues check out die.

checktheevidence +DianeDi You require to eliminate the FE mind virus ASAP - It is essential that you just realise what it's prompted to occur and why it's been done.

Thomas Sheridon:  may be the self-acclaimed professional on psychopathy who continues to be evidenced here and below to own psychopathic tendencies himself.  After the flat Earth topic commenced gaining traction Thomas started putting out videos proclaiming that everyone marketing the Flat Earth subject matter was Portion of a CIA Cointel disinfo psyop!

In early interviews Mark claimed to Flat Earth get browse Several of my guide, but when cornered in later interviews claimed to haven't examine my e-book; He regularly encourages the Orlando Ferguson CONCAVE Earth map as staying "one of the better flat Earth maps," when it is Evidently one of many worst; He described in one job interview the shillspicious proven fact that he labored in "Web data-mining for three many years"; and he consistently plays having a toy world affront the digital camera in every job interview subconsciously re-implementing the world design although talking non-feeling concerning the Flat Earth.

Hi Eric I grew up on far rockaway ny, and on very clear days we'd be capable to see new jersey which had to be 60 miles away effortless.

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